About Us
ACS is a multi state service specializing in collection, recovery, and monitoring of delinquent balances. An industry leader, ACS prides itself on keeping up with current technology and collection applications. Beginning in 1961, our business has grown thanks to a growing list of satisfied customers. There are no advanced fees or membership charges. No results, no charge. It's that simple.

As your partner, ACS is committed to increasing your profitability while maintaining good relationships with your customers. A member of the American Collectors Association, we instill professionalism into our staff at all levels. We strive for a high degree of success in recovery, and can do second placement of accounts where others have failed to collect.

With our advanced training and technology, ACS delivers service that is fast, efficient, and effective. Fully computerized for over three decades, we have incorporated advancements in specialized collection technology as they emerge. We have complete hardware and software solutions for document imaging, phone search, credit reporting, accounts assignment, and on-line data services such as client web access.

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